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What Can The GEET Water Engine Do? How I Gave My Engine Super Powers

In this video, we'll be discussing the incredible potential of the GEET Reactor, a technology that can mix up to 10% fuel with 90% water, sourced from various types of water including waste water, ocean water, bottled water, and tap water. Many videos on the internet and YouTube demonstrate this capability.

In addition to producing a hydrogen and helium-rich fuel, the GEET Reactor also creates a new element called GEET Gas through transmutation. According to research, 74% of the universe is made up of hydrogen and approximately 24% is made up of helium. The GEET Fuel System produces these two gases, as well as plasma.

Paul Pantone, the creator of the GEET Reactor, has shared many fascinating stories about the technology. One such story involves a young student who built a GEET demonstration engine for a school project. The student was able to make the engine run on water alone, winning the science fair despite the school's policy against fuel usage on campus.

Another story involves Paul himself, who experienced the full force of the GEET Reactor's energy when he touched the bottom of the reactor with a metal coat hanger while standing in a shallow puddle of water. The resulting energy surge lifted him several feet into the air!

Paul learned the most from his students, who would share new discoveries with him on a daily basis. He shared that people have documented over 200 anomalies with the GEET Reactor, most of which he personally replicated with his own GEET Engine. GEET stands for Global Environmental Energy Technology, which has the ability to produce clean energy with no harmful byproducts or waste. It can even be powered by waste and contaminants, making it an environmentally friendly solution.

Paul encourages everyone to experiment with building their own GEET Reactor using the free build plans available on the GEET International Main Web Page. For commercial purposes or customer support, contact GEET International to purchase a GEET license. This video aims to share Paul Pantone's files and documents to showcase the amazing potential of the GEET Water Fuel Technology system.

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